CAF President accuses FFP of favouring North London clubs!

CAF president Ahmad Ahmad Al-Fahidi has accused the Football Federation of Africa (FFA) of favouritism towards the North London teams.
The CAF president said that the FFA has not given the best chances to the teams from the capital.
β€œThe FFA is not giving the best opportunities to the London clubs,” he said.
Al-Faha added that the African championship is the most important tournament for the African teams and it is the main chance for them to qualify for the World Cup.
He also said that there is a need for the FFP to be strengthened.

The FFP has recently strengthened its disciplinary procedures against clubs that fail to pay their players.
However, the CAF has recently started to criticise the FFF for not giving chances to London clubs.
This is not the first time that the CAAF has criticized the FFC.
In the last season, the FCA was criticized for not playing the best teams from London.
They were also criticized for the fact that they did not give chances to teams from other parts of the world.
One of the reasons for this was the fact they did their best to get into the Champions League.
It is also worth noting that the London teams were not the main favorites of the tournament.
Despite this, the teams managed to get to the group stage.
Moreover, the tournament was won by the teams that were not from London, such as:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.

The reason for this is that the teams did not have the best players. The main goal for the teams was to get in the Champions league.
After the group stages, the main question for the clubs was the play-off round.
Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea managed to qualify to the play off round. However, the FA Cup was won not by Liverpool, but by Chelsea.
At the end of the season, Liverpool was the best performing team, scoring the most goals and winning the most trophies.
That is why the club is considered one of the main contenders for the title.
All the news about the Champions club
The season of the Champions tournament has come to an end.
Now it is time to assess the performance of the teams and the performance level of the clubs. Liverpool was considered one the main competitors of the other teams. However the club managed to win the FA cup and the Champions trophy.
During the season the club was not the best, but it managed to achieve a lot.
Among the main achievements of the Liverpool team are:
1. The fact that the club has won the Champions title for the first and the third time in a row.
2. The great teamwork of the players. It is worth noting the fact the players did not play in the same line.
3. The excellent performance of Jurgen Klopp.
4. The transfer of Sadio Mane from Manchester City.
5. The good performance of Mohamed Salah.
6. The performance of Sadr City. The team managed to score a lot of goals.
7. The selection of the right players for the team.
8. The successful transfer of Emre Can.
9. The development of the team’s game.
10. The strong teamwork of players. This helped them to achieve the victory.
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