Cause of Coutinho damaged ankle is not yet known

Manchester City are in the middle of a busy transfer window, which will last until the middle or the end of the month. The club has already signed the following players:
* Riyad Mahrez;
* Kevin De Bruyne;
* Nicolas Otamendi;
* Bruno Fernandes.
The latter two players are already in the starting lineup, but the most interesting of them is the arrival of the Belgian.

The player is considered as one of the most promising young players in the world. He has already managed to score a lot of goals for the team. His arrival will allow the club to strengthen the position of the attack and get closer to the Champions League zone.
In the transfer market, it is quite difficult to find a good midfielder. The problem is that there are not so many of them. The main competitor of Riyad is the Belgian, who has already scored a lot for the club.
However, the club has a lot more potential. The most important thing is to find the right partner for the player, who will allow him to play in the wide positions.
Main Transfer News of the Season
The transfer window has already started, and the club is trying to sign a number of players. The first of them are:
1. Riyad. The player is a young player who is already in his prime. He is a good finisher, who can create a lot in the attack.
2. Kevin De. The Belgian is a great midfielder, who is able to create the ball and distribute it.
3. Bruno Fernand. The Brazilian is a powerful attacker, who scores a lot.
4. Eder Militao. The Spanish player is an excellent defender, who also scores a good number of goals.
5. Nolito. This player is able not only to distribute the ball, but also to create chances for himself.
6. Kaka. The Portuguese player is one of those players who can score a goal even without the help of a teammate.
7. De Bruyn. The Dutch player is also able to distribute and create chances.
8. Yarmolenko. The Russian player is already able to score goals, but he needs to improve his technique.
9. Gomes. The midfielder is a strong and confident player, able to make himself a substitute.
10. Jorginho. The Italian player is the main attacking player of the team, who scored a good amount of goals in the season.
11. Djibril Sidibe. The French player is not a very good defender, but his ability to distribute is also very good.
12. Djogo. The young player is good at creating chances, but not at all at scoring goals. He needs to learn how to use the ball in the air.
13. Fabian Ruiz. The Argentinean player is very good at scoring, but it is not his technique that is the problem.
14. Sanei. The Nigerian player is young, but already has a good level of technique. He can be a good addition to the team if he is able improve his game.
15. Jovic. The Croatian player is in his best form, but needs to work on his technique and get stronger.
16. Sessegnon. The Frenchman is a very promising young player, but does not have the necessary level of experience.
17. Willian. The English player is still young, and has a great potential. However, he needs time to develop.
18. Kompany. The Danish player is another young player with a great level of potential.
19. Kepa. The Spaniard is a promising young attacker.
20. De Jong. The Jong-Un player is quite young, has a high level of ability, and is able of scoring a lot from the first round.
All the players mentioned above are not in the first line of the transfer list, but they are already able of playing in the team and will help the club in the future.
Manchester United is also in the transfer window. The team is trying not only for the transfer of a new player, which is very difficult, but for the strengthening of the position in the lineup.
Among the candidates for the new acquisition are:
1- Lukaku;
2- De Gea;
3- De Bruyna;
4- Fikayo Tomori;
5- Martial.
It is difficult to choose the best one, because the player has already played for the first team for a long time. However the club does not need to buy a new goalkeeper, because there are already a lot many of the best professionals in the country.
Lukaku is a player who has a very high potential. He already scores a great number of important goals for his team. The other player is De Geas, who plays in the center of the field. The goalkeeper is also a good candidate for the acquisition.
Fikayotomo is a talented player, and already scores goals. The position in which he plays is very important for the success of the club, because it is necessary to have a good goalkeeper in the field, who not only can stop the ball from the opponent, but can also create a good chance for himself by himself.

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