Italian Judge hands Berba a suspended jail sentence

The Italian court has handed Berba, who is accused of the murder of the former president of the Italian Tennis Federation, a suspended sentence. The court also decided to ban him from the sport for five years.
The court had earlier suspended the sentence after the defence lawyer of the accused had asked for a review.
Berba was found guilty of the manslaughter of the president of Tennis in the course of an attack on the court. The attack took place on November 9, 2007, at the Grand Slam tournament of the year, the French Open.

The former president was seriously injured and was taken to a hospital in Paris. The doctors said that he had been stabbed by a knife.
On November 10, the court decided to suspend the sentence of the Berba. It was decided that the court will consider the request of the defence to review the decision.
This is the second time that the Italian court suspended the penalty of a Berba sentence. In the first case, the judge decided to impose a suspended penalty.
It is worth noting that the previous time the court had suspended the Berbati sentence, the Italian tennis federation had not been able to pay the fine imposed by the court and the athlete was forced to pay a large amount of money to the court, which was later reduced.
In addition, the athlete has to pay for the medical expenses of the injured person.
However, the suspension of the sentence was not the only decision of the court in the case. It also decided that Berba will not be allowed to participate in the French championships, which will be held in the next year.
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Who will win the US Open?
The US Open is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The tournament is held every year, and the winner is determined by the result of the matches.
There are many factors that determine the winner of the US Grand Slam. One of the most important factors is the level of the teams.
For example, the US has a very good team. The best players of the team are:
· Andy Murray;
· Roger Federer;
· Rafael Nadal.
These are the players who are able to decide the outcome of the match.
At the same time, the level in the US is also very high. It is not unusual to see the US team playing against the teams from the top 5 countries.
If you look at the results of the tournament, you will see that the US always has a good chance of winning.
How to follow the US Tennis Results?
It has now become much easier to follow US tennis results.
All you need to do is to visit the website that provides the results. It provides the information about the US tennis matches, as well as the results, the schedule of upcoming matches, and much more.
Most of the time, you can find the results on the first page of the results section. This is the place where you can always find the latest news.
Here, you have the opportunity to find out the results from the matches of the best teams. You can find out how the teams are performing on the scoreboard.
Thanks to the website, you won’t miss anything important from the tennis world.
Tennis scores for the day
The tennis season has come to an end, but it is still possible to find the tennis scores of the day. This year, tennis scores are not as interesting as in previous years. However, the tennis score of the first round is still very interesting.
Many tennis players are already preparing for the next season. The main goal of the tennis players is to win the Grand slam tournament.
As for the US, the main goal is to finish the season in the top 4.
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US Tennis Scores

US Tennis scores are available on the sports statistics website. Here you will find the schedule, the result, the news and much much more about the tennis matches. You just need to go on the site and you will be able to find it.
Today, the season of the Grand slams is in full swing. The US Open will be played on the weekend of August 7 and 8.
Among the main tennis tournaments, the following are worth mentioning:
1. US Open. The Grand Slam of the sport is held once every year. The winner of this tournament is determined not only by the results in the matches with the best players, but also by the level and the results at the end of the season.
2. Wimbledon. The Wimbledon is the oldest tournament in tennis. It has been held for more than a century. The competition in this tournament has increased significantly in recent years. The tennis score is also interesting. You will find it on the US sports statistics site.
3. Australian Open. This tournament is very popular among fans.

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