Newcastle United will sign Mitrovic

Newcastle United will sign Mitrovic from Inter Milan on Monday, the club’s sporting director, Rui Faria, has confirmed.
The Serbian international has been a regular at the club for several years now, and he is considered one of the main players of the team.
β€œWe are trying to sign a new player, but we need to see what the situation is with the club,” Faria said.
It is known that the transfer of the player will be a good one, because the club is in a very bad condition.
In the summer, the team lost the main striker, Niko Kovac, who left the club.
Moreover, the squad has a lot of young players who have not yet become a real sensation.
However, the situation with the team is not so bad, because it is still possible to find a solution to the problem.
This is what the club needs, and it is ready to spend money on the transfer.

Serie A: the main favorites of the season
The season of the Italian championship is already in full swing. It is already known that there will be several matches held in a row, which is a good opportunity to make a lot from the start.
One of the most popular matches is the one between Juventus and Inter. The fans of the Turin giants are already very happy with the results of the club in Serie A.
Juventus is one of Serie A’slik’ favorites. The team has a good lineup, which can be called a real surprise for the fans.
Inter is also a favorite of the fans, but it is not as strong as the Turinese club. The main goal of the Nerra is to win the championship.
Of course, the main goal is to be able to compete with the leaders of the championship, but the team has some problems with the main competitors.
These are:
* Inter;
* Napoli;
β€’ Roma.
All the teams have a good squad, but they are not so strong that they can be considered as favorites.
If we talk about the main rivals of Juventus, then we should also note the following:
1. Lazio. The club is not very strong, but its fans are very happy.
2. Milan. The Milanese club is a real outsider of the Serie A, but there are some fans who like the team, too.
3. Napoli. The Italian team is a serious rival of Juventus.
So, the fans of Lazio and Milan are not very happy, but their teams have some problems.
Fans of Inter are also not very pleased with the situation, because they are a real favorite of SerieA.
But the situation in the Italian football is not the best, because many clubs are in a bad shape.
They are in need of serious changes, and they can only be achieved by spending money.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics, where you will find the results from the world of the national championship. Here you can find the information about the matches of the top Italian clubs, as well as other national championships.
Latest Serie A results
The new season of Serie a is already coming to an end, and the fans can already see the results.
For the fans who are not fans of Juventus and Lazio, the Serie a results can be really interesting.
There are a lot more matches ahead, so the fans will have to wait for a long time to see the final results. The season is not over yet, and many teams are still in the top division.
At the moment, the following teams are in the leading positions:
β€’ Milan;
Β· Inter; and
β€’ Napoli, who is in the second place.
Each of these clubs has a number of fans, and each of them can be interesting for the followers of the game.
Milan is a favorite for many reasons, but among the most important are the following ones:
Β· The team is in good shape. The players are in good physical condition. This is a positive thing for the team and its fans. The coach is always ready to give his players the necessary rest.
Β· Milan has a great lineup. The squad is full of young and talented players.
β€’ The club has a really good stadium.
As for the Napoli team, it is also one of its main competitors, but if we talk only about the results, then the team can be said to be in the first position.
Napoli has a bad season, but fans of this team are not the most pleased with it.
Many fans of Napoli are unhappy with the coach, and this is not surprising, because he has not managed to make the team a real contender for the title.
Most of the players of this club are still under the age of 30, and some of them are not in the best shape. It can be seen that the team needs to make some serious changes.
Therefore, the coach is trying to find the right way to solve the problem, and that is what he is doing.
Follow the latest Serie A news on our website, where the results are updated in real time.

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