Transfer Rumors: Where will the Manchester City star play next season?

The summer transfer window has come to an end and it has become much easier to follow the latest news from the Premier League. It is now much easier for fans to follow all the latest transfers, as well as the results of matches of the teams that are in the top 4 of the English Premier League at the moment.
The Manchester City, the club that has been the main favorite of the previous season, has managed to finish in the 4th position, which is quite an achievement. The team of Josep Guardiola has a number of players that are able to play in the attack, as Guardiola himself has already stated that he wants to strengthen the attack.
However, the main priority of the team is to finish the championship in the first position, as it is clear that the team needs to strengthen its defense and to do this, it will have to make some transfers.
Now, the fans can follow the transfer rumors and watch the progress of the club in real time. It has become even easier to do so, as the website of sports statistics provides the latest information from the world of the Premier league.

The City has managed not only to finish at the 4 position, but also to get into the top-4. The main goal of the Guardiola’s team is the Champions League, so they will try to get to the next stage of the tournament.
Latest Transfer News
The team of Guardiola has already managed to strengthen their defense, as they have signed several players who are able not only in the defense, but are also able to score goals.
Among the new acquisitions, we can highlight:
* Yaya Touré;
* Kevin De Bruyne;

* David Silva.
These players will help the team in the defensive part of the field, as this is the main task of the City.
In addition, the team of the Manchester United has also managed to get a number players, as:
1. De Gea;
2. Marouane Fellaini;
3. Anthony Martial.
This list is not limited to the players of the Old Trafford club, as many of the transfers have already been made in the summer.
It is now easy to follow and follow the progress and the results in real-time. Fans can also follow the transfers of the clubs in the Premier leagues of the countries that are part of this championship.
Where Will The Manchester City Star Play Next Season?
The main goal for the team that finished in 4th place is to get in the Champions league zone. This is why the team has to strengthen it’ll defense, and it is now clear that it will need to make a number transfers. The first of these transfers is the signing of Yaya Toure.
Toure is a player who is able to do the job of a central defender, as he is able both to block passes and to make himself available to the team’ goal.
Another transfer that the club is trying to make is the acquisition of Kevin De Brug. The player is able in the attacking part of a match, as his speed is very good.
All the transfers that the Manchester club has managed so far have been successful, so it is obvious that the next season will be a lot more successful for the club.
Follow The Latest News from the World of the Football League
The transfer window is coming to an early end, so the fans of the EPL can now follow the results and the progress in realtime. It’ has become very easy to track the news from this championship, as there is a website that provides the information from this world.
Fans can follow all transfers that are being made, as a lot of players have already joined the Manchester team, and this is why they are able now to prove their worth.
Manchester City has already started the season well, and the team managed to win the Premier title. The club is also able now not only win the title, but to get closer to the Champions title.
If the club manages to get the first place, it is very likely that the fans will be able to watch the final of the Champions club tournament. The final of this tournament is always a great opportunity to see the best players in the world. Fans of the championship can now watch the results from the matches of their favorite teams, as soon as they are held.
Live Results of Football Matches
Now it is much easier and more convenient to follow football matches in real life. This season, the Premier championship has already shown us a lot, as we can see that the teams are fighting for the title. Now, it”s much easier, as fans can watch the live results of their favorites.
Of course, the most important thing is to win, as winning the title is the best result. However, this is not the only thing that the clubs need to do, as their main task is to qualify for the Champions cup.
At the moment, the Manchester united is in the lead, as its main goal is to be able not to lose the title in the next round. The current champion has already showed that it is able not just to win in the current season, but it is also capable of winning the next one.

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